Planning & Zoning Commission


The Commission meets quarterly each year in March, June, September and December and otherwise as necessary.


The Planning and Zoning Commission is a recommending body to the Village Board of Trustees on a wide range of matters pertaining to the development and growth of the Village and within the one-mile zoning jurisdiction of the Village. The duty of the Commission is to review and make recommendations on proposed Conditional Use Permits, Variances, Subdivisions, Planned Unit Development, Annexation, changes and additions to the Zoning Regulations, and when required to review Building Permits.

The Planning Commission plays a very important role in the physical development of our community, and they rely of the members of the Public for input on matters before the Commission. The Public is always encouraged to express their views on matters as they come before the Planning and Zoning Commission. Planning and Zoning Commission members are appointed to 3 year terms by the Board of Trustees.