Garbage Department

The Village of Potter provides garbage service to the Village residents on a weekly basis and garbage is usually picked up on Mondays. Residents living outside the Village limits are eligible to sign-up to bring their garbage in and to use the Village Dumpsters.

Our customers are provided with dumpsters generally located in the alley behind their homes for the disposal of household trash only. Automated trucks are used to lift and empty the dumpster. Generally, one dumpster is provided for every four households to share, but residents may use any dumpster in the Village.

Dumpster Service Guidelines

  • Keep area around the dumpster clear of trash and large items at all times.
  • Do not put yard waste, hot ash or tires in the dumpsters.
  • Do not place items next to or within 4 feet of the dumpsters.
  • Bag all of your trash in bags.
  • Always keep the dumpster lid closed to reduce litter and pests.
  • If the closest dumpster is full, please take your trash to the next closest dumpster that has space available.
  • Do not place tires, furniture, construction debris, yard waste, sod or dirt in dumpsters.
  • Maximize space in your dumpster by placing items in the rear of the dumpster first.
  • Report illegal dumping by calling the Village Office at 308-879-4332 as soon as possible. Record a license plate number and state of origin, description of the vehicle and a description of the person(s). Please do not approach or confront the person(s).